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CI5X Series Impact Crushers

CI5X series impact crusher is a new generation of coarse and medium crushed products designed to meet customers needs for high profit, low cost, energy saving and consumption reduction. It is the guarantee for large-volume production line c

Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, etc.


Model Specifications (mm) Feed opening (mm) Max. feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Weight (t) Dimensions (mm)
CI5X1315 Φ1300×1500 1540×930 600 250-350 250 20 2880×2755×2560
CI5X1520 Φ1500×2000 2040×520 (2040×995) 350(700) 400-600 2×250 (2×200) 30 3390×3520×2790
CI5X1415 Φ1400×1500 1540×1320 900 350-550 250 24 2995×2790×3090
CI5X1620 Φ1600×2000 2040×1630 1100 500-900 2×200 42 3485×3605×3720
CI5X2023 Φ2000×2300 2400×1920 1300 1200-2000 2×500 76 4890×4380×4765
  • Repair cracks in a concrete driveway Better Homes and ...

    Repair and resurface a concrete driveway in a weekend or less. Better Homes and Gardens contributing editor Danny Lipford shows you how. Though concrete is a durable surface, concrete driveways deteriorate and develop cracks over the years. Rather than going through the expense of removing the slab

  • How to Repair Cracks and Resurface a Concrete Driveway ...

    Our concrete driveway is in need of repair and some damaged areas are wider than what could be termed a “cracks” — more like a shallow hole and the gravel that lies just under the cement surface is exposed. Can we still use the procedures for “cracked” concrete or do we need to remove large sections of concrete and start from scratch.

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  • Repairing Cracks in a Concrete Driveway DoItYourself

    Fortunately, repairing most concrete driveway cracks today is a relatively inexpensive, straightforward do-it-yourself project. Resurfacing Concrete. Asphalt driveways have always been popular because they are much less expensive than concrete and easily repaired. One needs only to scratch out the cracks, clean and scour the surface to aid in ...

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  • Repair Cracks in a Concrete Driveway Better Homes

    Though concrete is a durable surface, concrete driveways deteriorate and develop cracks over the years. Rather than going through the expense of removing the slab and pouring a new one, you may be able to repair and resurface the existing concrete.

  • How to Repair Concrete Driveway Cracks HowStuffWorks

    The primary purpose of fixing concrete cracks is to help keep moisture from working its way into the cracks. A secondary benefit of fixing concrete cracks is improving the appearance of your driveway. Considering that many homes have front-facing driveways, it is a good way to help improve your home

  • 作者: Howstuffworks.Com Contributors
  • How do I Repair Cracks in a Driveway? (with pictures)

    ConstructionPreventionTreatmentUsePreparation is the first step in repairing cracks in a driveway. Loose pieces of the driveway around the area should be removed using a chisel and hammer for the more stubborn pieces. A wire brush can be used to smooth out rough edges. Cracks that are roughly 0.5 inch (1.3 cm) across should be made wider, also using a chisel and hammer. The recommended width for these widened cracks is 1 inch (2.5 cm).
  • Concrete Driveway Repair Options - The Concrete Network

    Before you can resurface existing concrete, it’s important to remove any unsound concrete and repair noticeable cracks so the overlay has a solid base to bond to. See this step-by-step overview of resurfacing a concrete driveway.

  • Gripset Betta 1L Concrete Crack Filler Bunnings

    Gripset Betta Concrete Crack Filler is a unique solvent free crack sealer designed to protect cracks and joints in concrete pavements against water ingress and the breakdown of pavement surfaces. Gripset Betta Concrete Crack Filler is a waterproof sealer that penetrates into the depth of the crack, filling the void and sealing against moisture and water vapours.

  • Solved! What to Do About Cracks in a Concrete Driveway ...

    Solved! What to Do About Cracks in a Concrete Driveway Use the size and position of the cracks in your driveway to diagnose its problems and figure out if you'll be able to DIY a fix.

  • How to Repair a Cracked Concrete Driveway - Danny

    Repairing Cracks in a Driveway (video) How to Seal Expansion Joints in a Concrete Driveway (video) Repair Cracks and Resurface a Concrete Driveway (video/article) Flexible Concrete and Brick Crack Repair Caulking (video) VIDEO TRANSCRIPT. Concrete driveways

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  • Concrete Surfaces Crack Repair - Sherwin-Williams -

    7/04/2017  One of the most common problems when it comes to concrete is cracking. Walk through the right products and basic tools needed to repair most cracks and give aging concrete a fresh appearance ...

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  • Repair cement crack in driveway, fix patio to protect

    9/08/2016  Some concrete patches do not provide flexing, and cement caulk can shrink. For deep cracks, stuffing in fillers – sand, stone, backer rod, dry foam tubes – then covering with a sealant will ...

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  • How to Repair Wide Cracks in Concrete -

    27/12/2018  The secret to fixing wide concrete cracks is to undercut the sides of the crack to give it an inverted "V" shape. This helps the repair material to "key" into the crack, creating a mechanical bond in addition to the chemical bond between the patch material and the concrete.

  • Do it yourself - How to repair cracked concrete ...

    Sponsored article Unsightly cracks in concrete not only detract from the look of a garage or patio, they can also lead to further problems as moisture seeps into the concrete. Luckily, there’s an easy way you can repair a cracked concrete slab or wall and prevent further damage down the track.

  • How to Repair Cracks in Concrete Hunker

    12/12/2018  Whether the concrete crack you have encountered is on a flat, horizontal surface such as a driveway, or a vertical surface like a basement foundation wall, the repair procedure is pretty much the same.The key is to get rid of as much of the failing concrete as you can.

  • Concrete Driveway Repair: DIY Home Improvement Guide

    DIY Concrete Driveway Repair. When people drive up to your home, the first impression they get is the driveway. Like anything else, it requires maintenance. Concrete roads are very durable, but they can be damaged. There are many reasons behind cracks in the concrete driveway. Concrete is a mix of sand, cement, aggregate, and water. Agents such ...

  • How to Repair Driveway Cracks HowStuffWorks

    By taking the time to repair the crack, you can help avoid more serious and costly driveway issues. In this article, we'll show you how to fix driveway cracks by reviewing the techniques used in the three most common types of driveways -- concrete, asphalt and brick pavers.

  • Driveway repair: Should you Patch, Resurface or Replace ...

    If you plan to do driveway patching yourself, expect to pay about $3 to $5 per square foot, about half the cost of hiring a contractor for driveway repair. You'll eventually have to replace concrete and asphalt driveways with deep holes, numerous holes or large cracks. Patching could push this replacement back a few years, but the driveway will ...

  • How to Repair Cracks in a Concrete Driveway - The

    Concrete driveways can crack for many reasons. Repeated freezing and thawing, heavy loads, tree roots and even shifts in the ground can cause damage. When you learn how to repair cracks in a concrete driveway, you may be able to stop them before they lead to bigger problems. Fortunately, filling cracks in a concrete driveway is a simple and ...

  • Concrete Driveway Repairs Concrete Cement Repairs ...

    How to repair large cracks in concrete driveways. To repair a large crack in the concrete driveway, preparation is always the first step in completing repairs to large cracks in concrete driveways. Any loose pieces of debris around the damaged area must be removed and rough edges smoothed.

  • Concrete Driveway Repair - Learn how to repair cracks

    Concrete driveway repair is needed when you have cracks in the concrete or you have damaged concrete due to spalling, peeling, and pop-outs. Learn some techniques for repairing a concrete driveway.

  • 3 Ways to Fix Concrete Cracks - wikiHow

    6/09/2019  To fix a crack in your concrete floor or driveway, you’ll need a caulk-style, waterproof, liquid repair compound and a caulk gun, both of which you can buy online or at a home improvement store. In order to prepare the crack for the compound, use a wire brush to scrub away any loose concrete and debris. After scrubbing, sweep or vacuum away ...

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  • Tips For Repairing Cracks in Concrete Paths Driveways ...

    They can also crack, and change the whole look and feel of your house. Whether you’re seeing big or little cracks in your concrete, this article contains handy tips for assessing the severity of concrete cracking, and offers some best-practice fixes to get your driveway and paths looking great. CAUSES AND CULPRITS OF CONCRETE CRACKS

  • 29 Best Repair concrete cracks images in 2019 Concrete ...

    May 11, 2019- Explore cwhutch44's board "Repair concrete cracks" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Concrete, Driveway repair and Concrete driveways.

  • How to Repair a Cracked Cement Driveway Garden

    It is not uncommon for cracks to form in a cement driveway. Although cement is quite durable, water can seep under the concrete and thaw and freeze, causing cracks to form. Cracks in cement driveways can also be caused by everyday wear and tear. No matter how the crack has formed in the cement, it is important to ...

  • Solved! What to Do About Cracks in a Concrete Driveway ...

    31/07/2018  The size and position of a crack in a concrete driveway can help determine if it's a DIY fix. Fine narrow cracks, or "crazing," indicate a surface dried too quickly when the concrete was poured. These cosmetic cracks benefit from a cement-based resurfacing product containing polymer modifiers and

  • Learn how much it costs to Repair a Driveway. -

    This can rejuvenate the look and help protect it for years to come. If you have a cement or asphalt driveway, resealing can repair small cracks and chips by itself. Figure out the square footage, then plan to spend between $0.10 and $0.16 per square foot.

  • Your Questions About How To Repair Large Cracks In ...

    Cracks in your driveway can also be caused by vehicles that are too heavy and it could scrape the concrete surface of your driveway. But whatever the reason is behind the large cracks in your concrete driveway, there is only one solution that you can do on a warm day. Find out below on how to repair large cracks in the concrete driveway.

  • Concrete Crack Repair Costs -

    Concrete crack repair by filling is a common approach to improving the appearance and/or functionality of damaged concrete surfaces like driveways, parking aprons, walls, and floors. The cost to apply average concrete crack repair depends upon the area and condition of the surface and cracks, the type of filler, special preparation needs, and the labor rate.

  • New solution for cracked concrete driveways, patio and

    Do you have some external concrete driveway, patio or path areas that has seen better days? Do you have cracked concrete and wonder how to repair it? Say hello to Cretecova RaNDoM For over 15 years I have been applying Cretecova decorative concrete resurfacing to concrete floors and external concrete paths, patios, driveways, BBQ areas, []

  • How to Repair Cracks in Concrete Driveway

    15/09/2019  Concrete is weak in terms of the tensile strength, so when the above occur, the concrete can easily crack. Luckily, it is quite easy, as well as, inexpensive to repair cracks in concrete driveways and you can even do it as a DIY project. Once cracks appear in your concrete driveway, you should fix it immediately. The main reason why you should ...

  • best product for sealing driveway cracks -

    How to Repair a Cracked Concrete Driveway - Danny Lipford. Here's how to repair and seal cracks in a concrete slab, such as a driveway, to prevent water from seeping beneath the slab and causing the soil to erode. Best Driveway Sealer - The Review Gurus. 2017-01-28 If you have a driveway that is made of asphalt, we think the Henry Company sealer is the best asphalt driveway sealer for you ...

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    We've compiled a list of the Best Crack Filler For Concrete Driveway of 2019 to buy, including Top (Highest) Rated Crack Filler For Concrete Driveway Reviews on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Reddit. You will know What is the best Crack Filler For Concrete Driveway on the market? What is the Best Affordable, Best Inexpensive, Best Cheap Brands to Buy.

  • Driveway Repairs - Should You Repair or Replace

    Driveway Repairs – Should You Repair or Replace cracked concrete? Is it better to patch, refinish or replace cracked concrete? Driveway repairs can be expensive. If your driveway has taken lots of wear and tear over a period of time, it’s typical to see evidence in the surface. A concrete driveway should be very durable, and if major cracking occurs, it might be necessary to replace the ...

  • How to Patch a Cement Driveway Home Guides SF Gate

    Cement actually binds the material in concrete together. Patching small and large cracks and holes in a concrete driveway can add many years of life to it. You can make solid, durable repairs to ...

  • Concrete crack repair that worked!

    Concrete crack repair that worked! January 29th, 2015. We may have taken the concrete repair process to the extreme but it worked and saved us a tone money and time since.


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